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Easy Ways to Decorate Your Yard for Fall

Southern Living Magazine

Decorating your yard for fall is a great way to celebrate the natural beauty of the season and welcome the upcoming holidays. It can also be a fun family activity where you spend a crisp autumn afternoon sipping hot apple cider, playing in the leaves, and decorating the yard together.

Pumpkins, hay bales, and corn stalks are all you’ll need to turn your backyard into a delightful fall scene—and create the perfect background for taking pictures of the kids. Find inspiration below for ways to add these festive items to your yard.

Photo copyright Southern Living

- Nothing symbolizes the fall season more than pumpkins. These versatile veggies can be added to your fall landscape in a variety of ways.

    • - Place pumpkins of varying shapes and sizes in a series of rows in a designated area of your yard to create your own pumpkin patch.
    • - Paint or carve out letters on individual pumpkins and arrange them on steps or walkways to display messages such as “Welcome” or “Happy Fall.”
    • - Create charming pumpkin planters for your fall flowers by cutting a large opening on the top of the pumpkin and hollowing it out; then drill a drainage hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, fill it with potting soil, and add your favorite fall blossoms.

    • Scarecrows - Scarecrows are a fun addition to any fall setting. You can buy one from a local craft store or nursery, or make your own with a few simple items:

      1. 1. Grab an old pair of jeans and a plaid shirt and secure the ends of the legs and sleeves with rubber bands.
      2. 2. Attach the shirt to the jeans with safety pins and then stuff the clothing with newspaper or straw to form the body.
      3. 3. Stuff garden gloves and a pair of shoes with hay to make the hands and feet; use a pumpkin or pillow case filled with straw for the scarecrow’s head.
      4. 4. Finally, use markers or paint to create a face.

      5. Be as creative as you want. You can make your scarecrow resemble a family member, friendly neighbor, or even a famous celebrity for an amusing showpiece!

        Corn Stalks - Use dried cornstalks to add a rustic touch to your fall landscape.

          • - Tie a few tall corn stalks together with twine, raffia, or a decorative fall-colored ribbon and attach bundles around trees and gazebo posts or along your fence.
          • - Dress up an arbor or trellis by covering the structure in corn stalks and adding seasonal accents like Indian corn, acorns, and small gourds.
          Hay Bales – Available at home improvement stores or your local nursery, hay bales provide the perfect base for an attractive fall arrangement.

            • - Stack a couple hay bales in the corner of your patio, deck, or yard and set pumpkins, potted flowers, and other festive items on the different levels to make a charming display—and a great spot for pictures.
            • - You can also use hay bales as seating for outdoor fall gatherings or Halloween parties. Set a couple large, square hay bales in a row to make a simple bench or use several hay bales to form a couch:
              1. 1. Create the base of the couch by making two rows of three to four hay bales (the more hay bales, the wider the couch).
              2. 2. Stack another three to four hay bales on top of the back row to form the back of the couch.
              3. 3. Stack two additional hay bales on either side of the couch to form armrests.
              4. 4. Then cover the couch with burlap, canvas, or old sheets for a casual, yet chic spot to relax with family and friends.

              5. (Note: Keep hay bales away from your fireplace, firepit, or heater. Make sure you use dry hay as wet hay generates heat and can start a fire.)

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