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Gift Ideas for Pool Owners and Outdoor Design Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Pool Owners, Garden Buffs, and Outdoor Design Lovers

With Christmas just a few weeks away, you’re probably decking the halls (and deck’orating your yard), baking Christmas cookies and other holiday treats, and of course, looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list—including the pool owner or outdoor lover in your family.

We put together some stylish and fun gift ideas sure to please kids, spouses, garden lovers, pet owners, and more.

Check out these unique pool and patio products sure to spruce up any backyard this season and all year round.

Garden Planters

Hayneedle bicycle garden planter bike outdoor decor

Right: This cast iron bronze bicycle planter is a charming gift for any garden lover. Not only does it show off blooms in style, it also serves as an eye-catching garden accent.

Made of durable iron, this bike sculpture includes two planting baskets in the back, one in front, and one in the middle for an attractive multilevel display.

Hayneedle resin self-watering garden planter whiteHayneedle self-watering resin planter graniteHayneedle self-watering resin planter mocha outdor decor

Above: These self-watering resin planters are great for poolside accents and backyard decks. They come equipped with a self-watering system that gives your plant just the right amount of water and nutrients it needs for healthy growth. Made of woven plastic resin that resembles wicker, the planters are lightweight, UV-resistant, and weatherproof. They are available in two sizes and four colors: white, granite, mocha, and black.

Photos courtesy of Hayneedle.com

Stylish Outdoor Seating: Swings, Gliders and Day Beds

OW Lee monterra sofa swing porch swingThe Monterra sofa swing by OW Lee is the ultimate addition to any outdoor living space. Its loveseat design and cushioned armrests bring the comfort of indoors to your backyard.

In addition to its cozy bucket seat and stylish wrought iron frame, the swing has a lot of versatility. It is available as a stand-alone piece with an optional canopy for shade, or you can purchase the swing without the frame and hang it as a porch swing.

Visit www.owlee.com to find a retailer near you.

Photo courtesy of OW Lee, Inc.

Source Outdoor wicker Hampton day bedThis wicker Hampton day bed by Source Outdoor offers outdoor luxury and relaxation.

The off-white cushions are made of durable acrylic outdoor fabric, and the cushion covers unzip for easy removal and washing.

Photo courtesy of Source Outdoor

Hayneedle sling double glider patio chairThis outdoor double glider can seat two to three people and has fast-dry sling seat cushions, making it perfect for poolside seating.

The seats are available in two colors: beach (shown) and bronze.

Its aluminum frame is both rust- and weather-resistant, meaning your glider will look like new for years.

Photo courtesy of Hayneedle.com

Hayneedle double sun lounger hammockCozy Hammocks

Who can resist a hammock on a lazy afternoon?

This double sun lounger hammock bed offers a place to bask in the sun, read a book, or enjoy an afternoon nap.

It is available in blue (pictured), green, and red.

Photo courtesy of Hayneedle.com

Hayneedle striped hammock with pillowIf you’d rather be lounging under a tree canopy,
this striped fabric hammock offers a comfortable alternative to the basket weave rope used on traditional hammocks.

The fabric is made of durable polyester to resist fading and wear and tear, but feels as soft as cotton.

The hammock comes with an adorable yellow polka dot bird pillow.

Photo courtesy of Hayneedle.com

Towel Storage with Style

Every pool owner knows you have to keep a stock of towels on hand for guests. What’s the best way to store them and hang them to dry after use? Check out these great options:

At West End fish wall towel rackHayneedle deck storage box bench pool towels

Complete with an adorable fish and water waves design, this iron 'towels' wall rack (left) is perfect for any pool house, while this outdoor storage deck box (right) doubles as a poolside bench.

Left: Photo courtesy of At West End
Right: Photo courtesy of Hayneedle.com

Outdoor Decor and Garden Ornaments

At West End caged rock flowers garden decorAt West End iron owl candle holder garden decor

These decorative rustic items by At West End add a touch of whimsy to any backyard.

We love these caged rock flowers (set of 4) made from recycled materials, and this iron owl candle holder lantern is an adorable accent to any back porch, deck, or garden.

Photos courtesy of At West End

Games For Kids and Sports Lovers

Hayneedle 2-in-1 pool basketball volleyball game setHayneedle 2-in-1 pool volleyball basketball game set

When you’ve exhausted traditional pool games like Marco Polo and Sharks & Minnows, this portable 2-in-1 pool basketball/volleyball set by PoolSport will keep kids and their friends entertained for hours.

The set includes a basketball net and 16-foot long volleyball net that can span up to a 22-foot wide pool. It easily converts between the two games with no tools required.

Photos courtesy of Hayneedle.com

Pet Beds For Dog Lovers and Pet Owners

The Refined Canine outdoor dog chaise lounge day bed Dog lovers can bask in the sun while their dog relaxes in the shade—in style.

The outdoor dog chaise lounger by The Refined Canine is an outdoor dog bed perfect for any deck or poolside patio.

The bed is made of waterproof plastic rattan material and includes a machine-washable, 3-inch thick outdoor cushion.

Photo courtesy of TheRefinedCanine.com

The Refined Canine wicker dog day bed with outdoor cushionWhen no shade is needed, dogs can enjoy this indoor/outdoor dog day bed.

Complete with bone-shaped detail on the front, this luxury outdoor pet bed is both cozy and canine chic!

Photo courtesy of TheRefinedCanine.com

Idea Books for Planning a New Pool or Backyard Makeover

Inspiration Series 2 - Pool Outdoor Design Books (set of 4) | ManorHouseBookstore.com
Our Pool Idea and Outdoor Design Books make a great gift!

Available in print, check out our selection of pool books on ManorHouseBookstore.com

Inspiration Series 2 (pictured) includes:
- Water Features
- Indoor Pools
- Outdoor Kitchens
- Conservatories

Inspiration Series 1 includes:
- Infinity Pools
- Award-Winning Pools
- Tropical Pools
- Desert Pools

Special pricing when you order one of the above sets of 4 (in print).

All titles also available individually in print and digital download for Kindle.

To order via phone, call 888.768.3222

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6 Ways to Update Your Poolscape

Ideas for Updating Your Pool Area

Making some changes in and around your swimming pool can greatly enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your poolscape. From renovating your pool to adding a few simple features, we put together a list of ways to update your pool area this summer. Take a look at the following options and get ready to give your poolscape a whole new look.

1. Update the Pool Interior

Pool with Blue Vinyl Liner InteriorA new interior can dramatically change the look of your swimming pool. Just because summer is here doesn’t mean it’s too late to refinish your swimming pool. Resurfacing a concrete pool generally takes seven to 14 days to complete, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your newly finished pool. If you have a vinyl-liner pool, the process is even quicker: once you decide on a new liner pattern, the old and new pool liners can be swapped out in as little as one to three days. Today’s vinyl liners include more sophisticated colors and designs, including patterns that give the look and feel of glass tiles. Many vinyl liner manufacturers offer a wide array of designs and patterns to fit any backyard theme or setting.

Taking the time to update your pool’s interior not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but can also extend its life, especially if you upgrade to a higher quality finish. For instance, aggregate finishes, which contain small river pebbles, glass beads, or quartz crystals, provide a harder and more durable pool surface than a traditional plaster (or marcite) finish and can last up to twice as long (aggregate finishes typically last 15 to 20 years compared to 10 to 15 years for plaster).

If your pool is in perfectly good shape, but you still want to update its look consider adding a simple tile border at the waterline. Glass and ceramic tiles add sparkle, light and panache to your pool. They come in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes and can be arranged in any design or pattern to fit your style needs.

Photo courtesy of Loop-Loc, Ltd.

2. Resurface the Pool Deck

Renovated Pool with Grey Concrete DeckYour pool deck plays an important part in the overall enjoyment of your pool area: it’s where you lounge in the sun between laps, relax with a good book, enjoy a refreshing snack, and entertain family and friends.

If your pool deck is in need of repair, tends to get hot from the sun, is stained, or simply doesn’t provide the look you desire, then resurfacing the area may be wise decision.

There are many options for pool deck surfaces, including concrete, stone, exposed aggregate, pavers, and even rubber flooring. While your budget and design preferences play a big role in the deck material you choose, it’s important to consider comfort and safety.

Above: Anthony & Sylvan Pools installed a new slate pattern concrete deck and paver coping to help give this pool a more modern look. See what it looked like before the renovation >>

White Coral Stone Tile Pool DeckStamped or colored concrete, inter-locking pavers, and exposed aggregate are all affordable resurfacing options, but be sure to select a lighter color as these materials absorb sunlight and can get hot very quickly. If you have a higher budget, you may want to consider natural stone decking. Natural stones such as coral and travertine are great for pool decks because they stay cool and are slip resistant.

View more photos of coral stone pool decks >>

Photo courtesy of Coral Stone USA

3. Install Pool and Landscape Lighting

Pool with aqua blue LED in-pool lightingOutdoor Lighting can dramatically improve both the look and safety of your pool area at night. For the best results, install a combination of pool and landscaping lighting. Fiber optic or LED pool lighting will illuminate your pool from within, making it a mesmerizing nighttime focal point, while landscape lighting will light up the area around the pool, making it easier and safer for you and your guests to navigate once the sun goes down.

A variety of landscape lighting techniques can help you achieve a certain look or mood for your poolscape at night. For instance, footlights placed along the perimeter of the pool will add a soft glow to the surrounding hardscape and provide the perfect amount of lighting for late night swimming. (This will also reveal any wet spots to prevent slips and falls.)

For a bit of drama, install uplights in nearby trees and shrubbery to add depth and texture or place a light fixture high in a tree and aim the light down through the branches and leaves to create a subtle moonlight effect. Torch lights are ideal for imparting a tropical ambiance; place several torch lights throughout the backyard to guide guests to the pool and dining area.

Above: This elegant poolscape becomes even more enticing at night thanks to the brilliant aqua blue LED pool lighting. Strategically placed landscape lights and fire features provide further illumination for evening entertaining.

Photo courtesy of Pentair Aquatic Systems

4. Add a Water Feature

Pool with Sheetfall Water FeatureA water feature will boost your poolscape’s allure by adding visual and acoustic delight. The sight and sound of moving water is known to have a calming effect and it can also help cover up background noise from a busy street or neighbors, making your backyard a more pleasant retreat.

A variety of water features are available to fit any style pool or outdoor space. For instance, tiered patio fountains, wall fountains, and sheetfalls (pictured at left) provide an elegant accent for formal poolscapes while planter fountains are a great complement to backyards with a Mediterranean or Japanese Garden theme. A rock waterfall is ideal if you have a tropical or lagoon-style pool. Rock waterfalls can be made with real or artificial rock to seamlessly blend with your surrounding landscape and create the look and feel of an exotic oasis.

View more relaxing spa retreats and water features from Anthony & Sylvan Pools >>

5. Plant Some New Blooms

Pool with plants around landscapeAdding plants around your pool is one of the simplest ways to breathe new life into your poolscape design. Plants will add color, interest, and shade to the pool area and establish a natural transition between the pool and its surrounding hardscape.

When landscaping around your pool, it’s important to choose plants according to their maintenance, hardiness, growing requirements, and function. For instance, some plants may not tolerate the extended exposure to sunlight and harsh swimming pool chemicals while others will litter your pool with leaves or cause damage because of their extensive root system.

Photo courtesy of Barrington Pools, Inc., a Master Pools Guild Builder;
Photography by Megan Kelly Photography

Pool with Tropical Trees and ShrubsShrubs and trees, such as Croton, Salvia, Colorado spruce, Bar Harbor juniper, and Mexican blue palm, are great for adding privacy and structure to the poolscape and require little maintenance.

Ornamental grasses are also popular poolside plants and bring tons of color and unique texture to the area. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can be planted in beds or along the border of the pool. Some great varieties include Zebra grass, fountaingrass, and blue fescue.

Decorative pots and planters also work well by the pool. Use them to display beautiful flowering plants, like bearded irises, cannas, and hydrangeas. Include a mix of leaf shapes, textures and colors to create an attractive, lush, and pleasant design.

Photo courtesy of Pacific Sun Pool & Spa, an Aquatech Builder

6. Add (or Replace) Poolside Furniture

Circular outdoor furniture set by the poolNew outdoor furniture can alter the look of your poolscape as well as set the tone for how you’ll enjoy the space. Today there are more choices than ever when it comes to furnishing your pool area thanks to a range of durable materials, weatherproof fabrics, and stylish designs.

One of the latest trends in outdoor furniture includes modular deep seating furniture sets that can be grouped together or arranged separately throughout the yard to create multiple seating areas. If you already have poolside furniture, you can create a new look or theme simply by re-arranging the pieces, switching out the cushions and pillows, and adding an outdoor rug.  

A line of chaise loungers next to swimming pool

When selecting and arranging furniture for your poolscape, think of how you intend to use the space. A line of lounge chairs is perfect for tanning or relaxing with friends while a dining table or conversation set is more appropriate if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a patio umbrella, canopy or other shade product to keep the area cool and comfortable all day long.

Photos courtesy of Source Outdoor

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Top 7 Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2013

New Outdoor Furniture Designs offer
Flexible Style and Indoor Comfort

As homeowners continue to spend more time and money on their outdoor spaces, outdoor furniture manufacturers have come up with new designs and innovative products to meet their growing needs and style preferences. The latest trends in outdoor furniture and accessories focus on indoor comfort, design flexibility, and making better use of your outdoor living space. Here are the top 7 outdoor furniture trends you can expect to see this spring.

1. Stackable Patio Chairs

Circa Stackable Patio Chairs and Dining SetLightweight stackable patio chairs and table sets offer versatile solutions for small yards: they can be repositioned to maximize space and accommodate guests during outdoor gatherings; then stacked and stored away when not in use.

The need for space-saving furniture comes from the reality that many homeowners are moving into smaller homes and “therefore tend to have less outdoor space,” says Gerald Shvartsman, CEO and owner of Source Outdoor, a high-end outdoor furniture manufacturer in Miami, Fla. According to a study by the National Association of Home Builders, the size of the average single-family home will have decreased by 10 percent by 2015.

In addition to smaller spaces, Shvartsman contributes the interest in stackable outdoor furniture to its easy portability. Many homeowners want to bring their furniture indoors during harsh storms or the winter months to help it last longer and protect it from the elements.

Fusion Stackable Sling Chair from Source Outdoor"A huge benefit or reason as to why stackable outdoor furniture is trending more and more is because consumers can save space in storage and have greater mobility to move their furniture when needed," says Shvartsman.

But don’t confuse stackable patio furniture with the outdated plastic white lawn chairs you probably have hiding out in the back of your garage. Today’s outdoor stackable furniture is crafted from durable, high-quality materials like weather-resistant aluminum and synthetic rattan and is designed with a modern style to look great in any setting.

The Circa Stackable Outdoor Dining Chair (pictured above) and the Fusion Stackable Chat Set (pictured at right) are two examples of the stylish new options in stackable outdoor furniture.

Photos courtesy of UpSpring PR on behalf of Source Outdoor

Outdoor rugs are a top trend this summer 2. Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are a top trend this summer as the desire to bring the look and comfort of the indoors out remains in high demand among homeowners. Just like an interior rug, an outdoor rug can pull your entire outdoor space together, as well as define seating areas and add a warm and welcoming feel to your patio, porch, or deck.

Outdoor rugs are available in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns to match any décor theme and can even extend the look of your home’s interior. Most outdoor rugs are made from polypropylene for water, mold, and mildew prevention and are treated to resist fading from UV exposure.

Photo courtesy of Whitecraft, Inc.; William Herren, Designer

3. Deep Seating Furniture

Deep Seating Outdoor Furniture from Pride Family BrandsDeep seating outdoor furniture, which includes upholstered chairs, sofas, loveseats, chaise lounges, and ottomans, continues to grow in popularity. Like the cozy furnishings that make a living room the most relaxing place to gather inside the home, deep seating outdoor furniture features large, wide seating areas and soft, oversized cushions to create an equally enticing refuge outdoors.

Deep seating patio furniture comes in a variety of durable, weather-resistant materials, including synthetic wicker, cast aluminum, wrought iron, and wood. Design styles range from traditional to contemporary to country chic and can either extend the look of your interiors or create a new décor theme outdoors.

Modular deep seating sets are a popular choice because the sectional pieces can be moved around or grouped together to best fit the occasion or space. Source Outdoor’s Lucaya collection (pictured below) offers a range of 14 different pieces “so people can customize the look of their space, big or small,” says Shvartsman.

Lucaya Outdoor Modular Deep Seating Lucaya Modular Chaise Lounge with Blue Cushions

Above: Photos courtesy of UpSpring PR on behalf of Source Outdoor
Top Right: Photo courtesy of Pride Family Brands

Outdoor fabric options from Pride Family Brands4. Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor furniture fabrics continue to improve in performance, design, and texture. Outdoor cushions made from acrylic, polyester, and olefin fabrics feel just as comfy and soft as their indoor counterparts and are resistant to water, stains, and fading from UV exposure so there’s no need to bring them inside after every use. Cleaning is also simple: just wipe them down with a mild soap and a little warm water.

Along with enhanced durability, outdoor fabrics are now being produced in wider ranges of colors, patterns, and prints and offer unlimited design possibilities for outdoor spaces. Everything from outdoor furniture cushions to patio umbrellas and awnings to accent pillows, outdoor curtains and rugs can be mixed and matched to add depth and personality to your space.

The latest design trends for 2013 call for out-of-the-ordinary combinations such as mixing contrasting prints such as stripes and floral and mingling bright vivid shades like poppy red and zesty yellow with neutrals like gray and tan.

The abundance and diversity in outdoor fabrics make it easier and more affordable to update the look of your outdoor space from one season to the next and as trends come and go.

Photo courtesy of Pride Family Brands

5. Multifunctional Pieces

Outdoor Bar Height Dining Fire Pit TableWith the rise of the “outdoor room,” backyards have become multipurpose spaces for dining, swimming, lounging, cooking, and entertaining. As such, outdoor furniture designers are now creating pieces that cater to a variety of needs and activities.

Dining or bar height firepit tables are one of the latest outdoor furniture offerings and provide the warmth and ambiance of a fit pit along with adequate space for dining and socializing. Many manufacturers produce a range of dining fire table sizes to accommodate any space and family, big or small.

A few companies have taken multifunctional furniture a step further with accessories like a Lazy Susan that fits over the fire pit section if extra table space is needed and a table top grill pan that allows you to cook food right at the table, creating an interactive dining experience.

Other multifunctional furniture trends include outdoor storage ottomans, benches, and chaise loungers that provide seating as well as a discreet place to stash furniture cushions, garden tools, or pool toys.

Pride Family Brands is one outdoor furniture manufacturer incorporating this trend into its product line. The company has designed a selection of woven aluminum outdoor storage units, including an oversized coffee table, end table, and an armoire/side board.

Jakarta Outdoor Deep Seating Collection from Pride Family BrandsOutdoor Storage Chest Coffee Table from Pride Family Brands

Photos courtesy of Pride Family Brands

Deep Seating Outdoor Rocking Chair6. Motion Seating

In keeping with the notion toward indoor comfort, motion seating such as swivel chairs, gliders, and rockers are making a bigger presence in outdoor furniture collections this year.

Though they’re not a new trend, outdoor rocking chairs, swivel seats, gliders, and swings are now being designed in a wider array of materials and styles, including deep-seating designs with plush cushions and contoured seats for maximum comfort and relaxation outdoors.

Photo courtesy of New River Casual Furniture;
Photography by Wayne Donelsen, Deanne & Wayne Co.

Transitional Style Outdoor Furniture with Curved Seating7. Transitional Style

Overall, the biggest trend in outdoor furniture this year is the move toward transitional design. A mix between classic and contemporary styles, transitional outdoor furniture blends the clean lines of modern furniture with the curves and comfort of traditional designs for a look that is simple, yet inviting.

The popularity of transitional style furniture stems from its design versatility: Transitional outdoor furniture can easily be mixed and matched with more modern or traditional pieces and works well in any backyard setting. Additionally, transitional style outdoor furniture affords homeowners the flexibility to revamp the look of their outdoor space from one design scheme to the next just by switching out the cushions and accessories.

Photo courtesy of Pride Family Brands

Learn which type of outdoor furniture is best for your climate and space in our Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture >>

Choosing the Best Covers for Your Outdoor Furniture

Tips for selecting patio furniture covers

Guest post by Lucy Markham

Coverture Patio Furniture CoversOutdoor waterproof patio covers are essential to extend the life of your outdoor furniture. Though you may feel comfortable leaving your patio furniture unprotected during the warmer months, the truth is that each season of the year poses a unique threat to your outdoor furniture. From the morning dew and insect pollination of spring, unpredictable showers and intense scorch of the sun during the summer, and the weight of falling leaves and snow during the colder seasons, your outdoor furniture should be covered when not in use.

When choosing a cover for your outdoor patio furniture, it’s important to understand the vital elements that make the cover strong enough to withstand the harsh weather in the coming months.

Here’s what to look for when choosing covers for your outdoor furniture:


When looking for outdoor furniture covers, be sure to choose a strong and durable fabric that will withstand the elements of every season. A canvas material may be thick and lasting; however, if you live in an area that experiences heavy rain, a canvas cover may be susceptible to leakage and can cause detrimental water damage to your furniture. Another material used for furniture covers is a waterproof polyester blend. Although you may feel that you are saving money by investing in a less expensive fabric, cheap polyester becomes brittle in extreme temperatures and cracks, exposing your furniture to the elements.

Photo courtesy of Couverture

For ultimate waterproof protection during each season, look for outdoor furniture covers made from multilayered and nonwoven fabrics. This material is extremely breathable while also being waterproof and providing optimal UV protection. Additionally, look for a material that is easy to clean and store, as you want to make sure that your investment will protect your patio furniture for several seasons to come.


Just as it’s important to select the right material for the covers, it is equally important to be certain you have invested in the correct cover size. A majority of retail stores have samples available to give you a range of what is offered, and many manufacturers offer consulting in custom sizing. California-based Couverture, for example, keeps a library of patterns for hundreds of pieces of designer brand outdoor furniture and can also create a new pattern made from your measurements.

Before making any purchases, be sure to measure your furniture, especially the configuration of a table and chairs set where the size might vary considerably from what you’d expect. A cover that is too small will not provide adequate protection while a cover that is too big will have extra material that can sag or get picked up by the wind, allowing rain and debris to find its way in.

Patio Furniture with Duck CoverSpecial Features

To prevent the covers from blowing off of the furniture in high winds, look for covers that have attached straps that tie to the bottom of the furniture, so no matter how intense the storm is, your furniture will be protected.

Another new and innovative feature is from Duck Covers, who offers an inflatable dome to be placed under a patio table, chair, or couch to insure that debris and standing water don’t collect in the crevices of the furniture once covered. The domes allow water to easily slide off of the covers while also permitting air to circulate beneath them. This insures than mold and mildew will not accumulate underneath the covers during humid and rainy seasons.

Investing in quality outdoor furniture covers made from durable and waterproof materials will provide sustaining protection during each season and keep your outdoor furniture looking just as luxurious as when you first purchased it.

Lucy Markham is a graduate of the University of Florida in English and creative writing. As a recent homeowner, she considers herself a bit of an expert on home improvement and décor as she devoted countless hours to improving her new home.

Right: Photos courtesy of Duck Covers

Top Outdoor Accessories for Fall - Fabrics, Fire Features, Lighting & Decor

Outdoor Accessories and Decorations for Fall

With its brisk air and vibrant foliage, fall is a beautiful time of year to enjoy the outdoors. By adding a few outdoor accessories and decorations, you can experience the vivid scenery and crisp weather from the comfort of your backyard patio or deck all season long.

From outdoor fabrics in rich colors to fire features that keep you warm in the cool autumn temperatures, here are some outdoor accessories and decorations that will enhance your outdoor space for fall.

Outdoor Fabrics for Fall

Summer Classics Outdoor Furniture

Photo courtesy of Summer Classics
Outdoor fabrics are used for a variety of outdoor furnishings and accessories, including patio cushions, pillows, canopies, and outdoor rugs. Available in a wide range of fabric colors, textures, and patterns, these outdoor accessories offer a quick and simple way to update the look of your patio furniture for fall.

For instance, patio cushions in brightly colored fabrics and summery designs can be swapped with outdoor cushions and pillows in warm harvest tones like pumpkin, cinnamon, sage, plum, and cranberry.

Patio with Outdoor Rug and Fall Theme
Photo courtesy of Whitecraft, Inc.; photography by CKM Photographics Inc; designed by William Herren

An outdoor rug lends seasonal impact when adorned with nature-inspired colors or designs, such as leaves, flowers, or pinecones. Additionally, a rug can establish a cozier atmosphere outdoors by defining a smaller area of the patio.

To refresh the look of your outdoor dining table for the season, make a table runner or placemats from fall-colored outdoor fabrics. Adding this small touch will help tie your patio’s fall theme together.

Patio with Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fire Features for Fall

To properly update your patio or deck for fall you have to prepare for the change in weather. Outdoor heaters such as firepits, fireplaces, and patio heaters will keep you warm in the chilly autumn temperatures, as well as add a charming focal point to your backyard sitting area.

Portable outdoor fire features, including firepits, fire bowls, firepit tables, chimineas, and fireplaces, are easy to set up and come in an array of materials and styles to match your outdoor setting and décor.

While all of these fire features will lend a warm glow to your patio, some options are better suited for different climates. If you live in a mild climate region, an outdoor firepit, firepit table, or chiminea will provide sufficient heat since temperatures never drop too low. To ward off the nippy fall breezes in colder climates, an outdoor fireplace or patio heater will supply better heat coverage (patio heaters can typically heat about a 6- to 20-foot radius).

Photo courtesy of
Brandenburg Pool

Outdoor Decorations for Fall

An easy way to decorate your yard for fall is with the array of harvest items. Pumpkins, gourds, hay bales, and dried cornstalks embody the natural textures and colors of the season and can be placed around your patio or deck in a number of ways. For example, dried corn stalks can be tied to deck rails with twine; pumpkins and gourds of varying sizes, colors, and shapes can be arranged in a corner of the patio or scattered along the top of deck rails; bales of hay can be positioned throughout your outdoor space to serve as a rustic touch as well as additional seating or tables during outdoor gatherings.

Outdoor Decorations for Fall_Pumpkins & Gourds
Photo courtesy of EASYdesigns (www.easydesigns.biz); photography by Elisabeth Secocky

Additionally, an assortment of fall blooms such as chrysanthemums, pansies, carnations, violas, and alstroemerias can be planted in containers or hanging baskets and dotted around your patio or deck. 

Outdoor Patio Lighting for Fall

As the days get shorter, outdoor lighting will keep your patio well lit so you can stay outside on a crisp fall day well into the evening. Some deck and patio lighting ideas include outdoor tabletop lanterns, chandeliers, and string patio lights. These outdoor lighting fixtures serve both function and style by illuminating sitting areas and adding autumnal charm to the patio landscape.

Outdoor Patio Lighting for Fall
Photo courtesy of Environmental Landscape Associates

Outdoor lamps that look like their indoor counterparts are another lighting option and can make your patio feel just as warm and inviting as your interior rooms.

For added safety, install outdoor lighting on steps, walkways, and along the edges of your patio or deck so you and your guests can carefully navigate the area when darkness settles in.

Outdoor Furniture that Rocks!

Outdoor Rocking Chairs, Gliders, and Patio Swings

New River Casual Furniture wooden swing outdoor backyardOutdoor rocking chairs, gliders, and patio swings are a delightful addition to any backyard. Many people find their rhythmic back-and-forth motion to have a soothing and relaxing effect. In fact, several medical studies have found the use of rocking chairs to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure and breathing rates, as well as reducing back pain. 

Traditional outdoor rocking chairs
rock back-and-forth on curved feet at the base of each leg. More modern designs feature a circular base with pivoting arms that allow the seat to move or swivel forward and backward, as well as side-to-side. Because they have a sturdy base, swivel rocking chairs are sometimes used in outdoor dining sets. Both designs are available in a variety of materials. 

Outdoor gliders
look similar to garden benches and have a mechanical base that allows the seat to glide back and forth several inches. They can be made of wood, aluminum, wrought-iron, synthetic wicker, or recycled plastic and are available with or without cushions. There are several sizes to choose from, ranging from single and loveseat gliders to larger versions that can accommodate up to six people. Deluxe models consist of two bench gliders that face each other and typically have a table in the center and/or canopy. 

Patio swings
come in various sizes and materials, including wood, wicker, and metal. Traditional outdoor swings consist of a seat suspended from the overhang of a porch or sturdy patio structure such as a pergola. There are also freestanding models that are mounted on an A-frame that has an attached canopy. Freestanding patio swings can be placed in any location that has a flat surface, such as a deck, patio, gazebo, or an open area of the yard.

For a list of outdoor furniture companies and resources, visit our Outdoor Furniture Buyers’ Guide.

Photo courtesy of New River Casual Furniture; Photography by Wayne Donelsen, Deanne & Wayne Co.

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  9. Re: 7 Pool & Spa Designs for 2014

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  10. Re: Top Outdoor Accessories for Fall - Fabrics, Fire Features, Lighting & Decor

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