Pool Cover Pumps

Wayne Automatic Pool Cover PumpFor many pool owners around the country, the month of October signifies pool-closing season, which means it’s time to winterize and cover your swimming pool until spring. Closing your pool for the winter is necessary to protect the structure against damage from freezing water as well as keep it as clean as possible until the next season.

Once your pool is winterized and covered, there is still one more bit of maintenance you’ll have to perform: preventing water and debris from accumulating on the cover.

Fallen leaves, rain, and snow regularly collect on your pool cover throughout fall and winter (and even early spring) and can cause the cover to collapse or sink if too much weight builds up. Additionally, salts and other pollutants in the water can break down the fibers in the cover. A pool cover pump quickly and effectively removes excess water from your winter pool cover, helping to prevent damage and possible replacement. Pool cover pumps are available in manual or automatic operation.

Manual Pool Cover Pumps

Manual pool cover pumps, which are less expensive, need to be physically turned on after a rain shower or when a large puddle of water has collected on the pool cover and then manually turned off. Automatic pool cover pumps are operated by a water-sensing microprocessor which detects when water has accumulated on the cover and automatically starts the operation of the pump to remove the water; the pump turns off once the water reaches below a certain level.

Wayne Pool Cover PumpAutomatic Pool Cover Pumps

Automatic pool cover pumps provide worry-free, efficient operation and extend the life of the pump because it only works when it has to. “It also gives the homeowner the freedom to leave the pool cover pump unattended, without the need to plug it in or turn it on and off, greatly reducing the time and fuss of pool cover maintenance,” said Matt Dempsey, Sales Director at WAYNE Water Systems, a leading manufacturer of residential water handling systems. The company recently introduced the Wayne® Pool Cover Pump which senses freezing conditions, and turns the pump off to prevent damage in the case of ice build-up. Included with the product is a check valve, to prevent water from running back into the pump, which causes unnecessary cycling, and a unique positioning rope to help properly position the pump at the lowest spot on the pool cover. “These safeguards and the accessories included make this a smart investment for homeowner’s looking to reduce pool maintenance,” says Dempsey.

Photos courtesy of Wayne Water Systems