6 Unique Garden Art Pieces

By Patti Plummer

Garden art is designed to enhance a home and outdoor setting’s overall appearance. Yard art primarily includes items that are placed around outdoor spaces and swimming pools. Statuary and fountains are primary examples of garden art, but it can also include other beautiful items that serve a more functional purpose like outdoor rugs, bird baths, ceiling fans, and planters. Keep that in mind when doing yard work: take every opportunity to beautify your home and property!

Here are a few products to consider for your backyard:

Recycled Bottle Seahorse hanging ornament garden artGlass Confetti Hummingbird Bird Feeder garden art

1. Recycled Bottle Seahorse

(Left:) Made from recycled glass bottles and used wire and tin, this hanging seahorse figurine is the perfect accent for decks, patios, or anywhere an at-the-beach theme is desired. Not only beautiful, the hanging ornament is durable and is able to handle all types of weather and conditions. $24.95

Photo courtesy of Wind and Weather

2. Glass Confetti Hummingbird Feeder

(Right:) A kaleidoscope of color attracts hummingbirds and humans alike! Made of recycled glass, each hand-blown bird feeder varies in hue and tone. Includes a dripless stopper in antique brass and a hook for hanging. 12 inches long. $40

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Wind Spinner antique copper garden artSoundscapes Decorative Wind Harp garden art

3. Spoon Wind Spinner with Glowing Solar Glass Globe

(Left:) This grown-up version of the childhood pinwheel is designed to capture the wind and use that energy to gently rock and rotate for a delightful display. Crafted of metal with a weather-resistant antique copper finish, the spinner also features a solar-powered globe that glows after dark. 45 inches high. $49.95

Photo courtesy of Wind and Weather

4. Decorative Wind Harp - Klarion Call II

(Right:) Custom-made, this elegant wind harp creates celestial music at the touch of every passing breeze. Composed of aluminum and steel, it features nine strings, a hard-wearing base for easy installation, and is finished in a powder coating for durability. With base, 9.5 feet tall. Call for pricing

Photo courtesy of Ross Barrable, Soundscapes International

Campania Water Garden Frog Statue garden artUncommon Goods Wall Sundial

5. Longwood Italian Water Garden Frog

(Left:) Ideal for backyard ponds as well as flower gardens and other outdoor spaces, this garden art is based on an original found at the renowned Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Made of cast stone with a Greystone finish, this piece stands 12 inches by 17 inches. Visit Campania's retailer locator to discover which nationwide garden centers carry it.

Photo courtesy of Campania International

6. Wall Sundial

(Right:) As the sun moves over the sky, this handmade and weatherproof sundial reports each passing hour. Hand-fashioned from stoneware and finished with a lead-free glaze and copper, it is not only functional but it is also a charming accessory to any outdoor décor—even on a cloudy day! 11 inches long. $50

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

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