Pool Lighting Options - Part 2

LED Lighting

Custom Freeform Pool with LED LightingAn environmentally-friendly alternative to incandescent pool lights are LED lights, which use light emitting diodes to illuminate the pool. These energy-efficient pool lights use 80 percent less energy than incandescent and halogen light bulbs and last considerably longer—up to 100,000 hours on average; they also tend to be brighter. LEDs have a broader spread of light, which may reduce the amount of lights needed to light the pool.

Photography courtesy of J. Brownlee Design; photography by Jeff and Leah Harp, Focus Photography, LLC

Most LED pool lights screw into the existing wall sockets used for traditional incandescent inground pool lights. There are also aboveground options that install directly into the pool’s return line or hook over the wall of the pool, so there’s no need to drill holes.

Aside from being economical, the main appeal of LED pool lighting is the built-in color features. LED lights come in various colors and have programming functions that let you change the color of the pool water at the flick of a switch. Some LED pool light systems come with a variety of preset lighting effects that automatically cycle through an array of colors. By changing the intensity and duration of the displays you can create a “disco” effect for an outdoor party or more relaxing lighting for a romantic evening. These lighting systems can also be linked with the spa and other water features in the backyard.

Pentair IntelliBrite Color LED Pool and Spa Lighting
LED pool lights typically cost around $200 – $400 each. While more expensive than incandescent and halogen lights, LED bulbs need to be replaced less often—they generally last 7 – 15 years. They are a great choice for pools that are already equipped for traditional incandescent lighting because you can just switch out the bulb rather than change the entire lighting fixture.

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