Swim Spas Plus - TulipaniWhile it may be the end of pool season for many pool owners across the country, it doesn’t mean you need to pack away your swimsuits till next spring. You can stay in shape and swim year-round by purchasing a “swim-in-place-pool” known as a swim spa. These stand-alone units can be installed indoors or surrounded by a heated enclosure, allowing for year-round swimming even in seasonal climates.


By having your own swim spa at home, you can swim laps and do aquatic exercises at your convenience. Most swim spas also include therapy jets and seats at the opposite end of the swim current, giving you the experience of a pool and hot tub in one.


These combo units are becoming more affordable. One model, offered by family-run corporation Swim Spas Plus, is 19 feet long and sells for $13,900. With its dual temperature controls and seating for up to four people, this unit is a great value.


Swim Spas Plus offers a wide range of swim spas to fit every need and budget. Its models start at $9,900 for compact units and go up to $29,900 for its largest “party spa,” which includes an adjacent hot tub with seating for up to nine people.

Swim Spas Plus is a division of Tulipani Enterprise, Inc., established in 1976 by owner/founder Vittorio Giovanni Tulipani. For more info, visit www.swimspasplus.com