Once you determine the type of pool cleaner, vacuum or sweeper you want to buy, it’s important to select the proper model for your pool. Keep the following details about your pool in mind when making your purchase.

Pool Surface
– Models designed to scrub rough pool surfaces like plaster should not be used on vinyl liners. If your pool has a pebble or plaster finish, you should get a pool cleaner that has suction cups on its tires; this prevents the tires from getting worn out.

Pool Size
– The length of the pool cleaner’s cord or hose should be long enough to reach the farthest corners of your pool.

Pool Slope
– Some pool cleaner models are made for swimming pools with a flat bottom and relatively even depth. If your pool has a deep end with a steep slope, you may require a more advanced robotic pool cleaner to climb the slope from the pool's deep end to the shallow end.

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