By Patti Plummer

waterslide swimming pool slide Platinum Poolcare AquatechGetting a sliding board for your swimming pool is an ideal way to keep kids and their friends entertained during a hot summer day, but remember, security is the first and most important consideration. It goes without saying that children must always be supervised by a responsible adult when the pool is in use, and this holds especially true when children are using the waterslide. It is important to never compromise safety over price. Be sure to consider ways to maintain safety in and around a pool waterslide before you purchase and install it.

Remember these important safety tips when choosing a waterslide option for your pool:

First, choose a pool waterslide that can support a maximum amount of weight, preferably around 300 pounds.

Second, pick a waterslide that is manufactured with high-grade materials that can handle rain, snow, ice, sunlight, temperature changes, pool chemicals, and other environmental issues.

Third, and most importantly, always check that the pool slide complies with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Safety Standards for Swimming Pool Slides before purchasing. Visit for more information.

For a list of recommended waterslide manufacturers, visit our Waterslides & Water Features Buyers' Guide.

Photo courtesy of Platinum Poolcare, Ltd.; Photography by Linda Oyama Bryan