While swimming pool safety products offer a source of protection, it’s important that all parents and pool owners follow some basic precautions.

Safety pool fence Loop Loc kids protect
Set the rules. Talk to your children about basic swimming pool rules, including no running and never entering the pool without an adult. Place a “Pool Rules” sign on the fence as a visual reminder. 

Create non-slip surfaces. Apply a non-slip safety coating to the pool ladder and steps (and diving board, if your pool has one). Make sure walkways and decks are slip-resistant.

Keep chemicals locked up. Make sure all swimming pool chemicals are sealed tightly and stored in a locked area that children cannot access.

Learn CPR. The American Red Cross encourages at least one member of every family to learn first aid and CPR. It is a good idea for babysitters, relatives, and others who care for your children to know these skills as well. Local Red Cross chapters offer courses that can have you trained and certified in CPR in just a few hours. 

Sign kids up for swimming lessons. Along with constant adult supervision, teaching kids to swim helps to prevent childhood drowning. Swim classes are available through local community pools, private swim instructors, and the YMCA. 

Have an emergency plan. Whenever anyone is in or around the pool, keep a phone nearby. Post emergency numbers and information by the pool, including your address and directions to your home, so that anyone calling 911 can easily read it off to an emergency dispatcher.

In addition to these tips, be sure to add layers of protection around your pool including swimming pool safety covers, fences, and alarms. Note that there is no substitute for constant adult supervision. Children should always be under the close supervision of a responsible adult when they are in or around a swimming pool.

Photo courtesy of LOOP-LOC, Ltd.