Swimming Pool Filters and Pumps

Your filter system is an integral part in keeping your pool and spa clean. The three types of swimming pool filters are sand, D.E. (diatomaceous earth), and cartridge. Both sand and D.E. filters require backwashing; this means that whenever the pressure gauge reads 10 psi higher than the starting pressure, you’ll have to run the water in reverse so it passes through the filter and is flushed out of the pool. This process wastes a great deal of water.

Filter cartridges require less maintenance and are more eco-friendly because they don’t have to be backwashed. All they need is a periodic spray with the hose to stay clean. Experts recommend rotating between two cartridges; you can insert a clean one while rinsing the other one and leaving it to dry. Cartridge systems are used in most hot tubs and in many swim spas and pools. 

The type of pump you choose will determine the effectiveness of your filtration and how much energy will be used. While older pools may still be using single-speed pumps, variable-speed pumps are highly recommended because they allow the pump to run at a slower speed for a longer period of time. This means the water is filtered most consistently and effectively; it also saves a tremendous amount of energy, helping to lower your operating costs.

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Photo courtesy of Pleatco, LLC