By Patti Plummer

Pool HouseOne of the many benefits of owning a pool house is that it can serve as a guest house for family and friends. Small to medium-sized buildings may consist of a studio-style room that includes storage space, bathroom facilities, a bed, and a kitchenette. Others are more elaborate, even multi-story: the top floor is reserved for guests while the bottom floor is open for poolside recreation. 

An interior designer can help create a guest house that has all of the conveniences of home—and do so with a style that harmonizes with the main house. A good design may include built-in sofas, a fully-stocked kitchen and a wet bar, dining area, even a fireplace along with a big-screen HDTV and surround sound. The designer will decorate the house in a style that evokes your personality and is in sync with the main house. All in all, by doing double duty, your pool house will give your guests a relaxing place to call their own that is more private than a guest room and more inviting than a hotel room. Your guests may never want to leave!

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Pool House Interior

Pool House with Kitchen

Pool House Interior Design

Photos by Thomas Dorough