By Debra Maurer

To get the most use out of your deck or patio, install outdoor lighting that is both welcoming and effective. Here are a few ideas:

Outdoor lighting pergola deck night Trex
• On covered patios, install recessed lighting with dimmer switches, a fan with lights, or a chandelier.

• Replace deck post finials with solar LED lamps; they provide a decorative accent during the day and light up the deck’s perimeter at night.

• Recessed deck lighting, set into the deck’s surface, also helps to create a border around the space. 

• Add outdoor lights under railings and benches to guide guests to cozy seating areas.

• Hang string lights around arbors, pergolas, and canopies for a fun and enchanted feeling. Some umbrellas even come with LED string lights on the spokes, illuminating the space beneath them. 

• Add a unique touch with planters that glow from within. Available in solar- and electric-powered, place several of these planters around your deck to serve two purposes in one.

• Standing patio lamps provide a “walk-in-the-park” kind of charm. These consist of a tall post with a weighted base and can have several globe or traditional lanterns at the top.

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Photo courtesy of Trex Company