Patio fountains, water gardens, and patio ponds make a great addition to your outdoor space. They add a beautiful focal point and create a lovely ambiance through the sound of falling water. Choose from a variety of unique fountains and ponds to accent your deck, patio, or backyard.

Freestanding Patio Ponds

If you love the idea of having a pond, but aren’t ready to handle the installation and maintenance, you may opt for a self-contained patio pond, which also makes a great water feature. One manufacturer offers a variety of freestanding patio ponds. Each patio pond kit is easy to assemble and functions as a completely stand-alone unit. Simply plug into a standard electrical outlet and your pond is ready to go.


square patio pond fountain planter Pond BossThis square patio pond blends perfectly into the nicely coordinated seating area of this brick open-air patio. The small fountain in the center keeps the water aerated and functions as a subtle water feature. The classic, clean lines make it an elegant addition to any outdoor setting or sunroom. Once evening strikes, set the mood by turning on the patio fountain’s LED light, available in white or blue.


two-tier rattan patio pond planter waterfall Pond BossThis two-tiered patio pond features a sheer-descent waterfall with a spillway that lights up. The (blue or white) LED light and water feature can be turned on independently of one another so you can create the perfect mood. Not only does this unique pond make a great water feature, the upper tier also doubles as a planter! The intricately woven wicker finish allows this sophisticated design to pair with a variety of outdoor furniture designs.


patio pond urn planter fountain Pond BossThis woven wicker urn would make an attractive planter on its own. But when you add a patio pond kit featuring a fountain and your choice of a blue or white LED light, this unique water feature really comes to life. Add a tall water plant and this self-contained mini pond is both beautiful and easy to maintain.




Above three photos courtesy of GeoGlobal Partners - PondBoss Manufacturers

Freestanding Patio Fountains

Stand-alone patio fountains are a simple way to liven up your backyard. Easy to install, all you need is an electrical outlet to plug in the fountain (though some solar-powered fountains are available from various manufacturers). Freestanding patio fountains come in almost every design, size, and material you can imagine. From small tabletop fountains to large multi-tiered stone fountain bowls and vases, you can find just the right water feature to adorn your outdoor space.

Campania platia stone fountain three-tier bowl table topThis three-tiered cast stone fountain offers a natural look, blending into any backyard theme. Since it can be placed on a ledge or tabletop, it won’t be hard to find a home for this fountain in your outdoor setting.




Campania recife freestanding fountain black square bowl gardenThis modern cast stone fountain bowl adds both contemporary flair and Zen-like appeal to your garden. The combination of curves and sleek lines creates dimension and generates visual interest.




Campania tall fountain bronze birdbath gardenThis classic cast stone fountain is perfect for the garden and doubles as a birdbath. Adding height and warm natural tones, the fountain becomes a real statement piece without going over the top. Shown here in bronze, this fountain (along with the other two fountains pictured above) is available in a number of patinas so you can find just the right look for your garden.







Above three photos courtesy of Campania International; Photography by Rick Urbanowski