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Fitness: Yoga vs. Swimming

Do you practice yoga and/or swim laps to keep in shape? Ever wondered which one burns more calories?

According to a recent post on iVillage.com, swimming burns about 60 percent more calories than yoga. Active yoga burns 166 calories/hour while swimming burns 270 calories/hour. The reason is due to water's resistence, which can be up to 10 times more resistant than air.

To get the most out of your workout while swimming laps, iVillage suggests alternating between the backstroke and the breast stroke, which burn more calories than other swim strokes.

Patio Deck that Houses a Hidden Pool

A swimming pool can transform any lonely backyard into the ultimate hangout. But for some prospective pool owners, especially those with small backyards, the idea of losing a big chunk of flat land in their backyard is a bummer. They may yearn for a pool, but wish they still had that recreational space for dining, entertaining, or having a catch when the pool isn’t in use.


But how could this dual purpose actually be accommodated? The bottom of your swimming pool would literally have to rise up until it was level with the rest of your yard, and the water would have to disappear underground. Could something so innovative exist? It does!


This pool-and-patio-deck-in-one, developed by Hidden Water Pools, automatically rises and falls at the touch of a button. This allows homeowners to decide not only when they want to use their pool, but also how deep it should be. The surface can be set to sink down only 1 – 2 feet, allowing young kids to play, or as a deep as 6 feet for maximum swimming versatility. If fact, the pool even contains swim jets (similar to those in a swim spa) so owners can swim against a current to get in shape.


When the pool is no longer a “pool,” its floor becomes perfectly level with your patio, and the water is stored beneath it. When it’s time to return to “pool mode,” simply press a button. The patio surface will begin to lower and the pool will fill with water, stopping at whatever depth the owner has chosen. Not too bad for any homeowner looking to get maximum use out of his or her backyard!

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