Aqua Alert wristband pool alarmAs the well-established annual kick-off to summer, Memorial Day weekend is also the start of pool season for many regions across the U.S. Pool owners will be entertaining guests invited over their first dip of the season, while many non-pool owners will happily pack up the kids and head over to their friends’ or neighbors’ houses for a poolside barbecue.

While there is much fun to be had, safety should always be a primary concern when there is a pool nearby. Children, especially young children and non-swimmers, should be supervised at all times. However, pool accidents and near drowning incidents can occur during parties, even when many adults are present because of momentary distractions. In many of these cases, the immersion is silent, and there are no audible screams or splashing.


By adding a layer of protection—such as a water-activated alarm device—you can help to prevent accidents and keep your children safe. Aqua Alert is an electronic wristband that emits a loud sound when it gets wet. The wristband is designed to fit toddlers to teens and has a locking attachment making it very difficult for a child to remove. If a child should fall into any body of water, the water triggers an alarm similar to the piercing sound of a smoke detector and can be heard up to 100 feet away. The alarm is deactivated by the drying the wristband off.


Aqua Alert wristband pool alarmThe major benefit to this system is that you can take it wherever you go. No installation is required, so its use is not limited to any one location. Whether you are at a public community pool, a neighbor’s house, on vacation, or at home, the Aqua Alert wristband can be worn by your child and used as a safety alert.


Note: Aqua Alert’s sole function is as an alarm alert that provides an audible warning to help parents protect their children from a drowning or near drowning accident. Aqua Alert is NOT a flotation device; when any child is near water, parental vigilance and supervision is always required.


A portion of Aqua Alert's sales are donated to Justin's Club, a non-profit (501C3) corporation established to help prevent childhood drowning and near-drowning incidents, providing treatment for children whose families cannot afford treatment costs, and for research through non-profit fundraising.


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