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Coral Stone USA
153 West 21 Street
Haileah, FL 33010

About Coral Stone USA

Coral Stone USA imports and produces elegant coral stone tiles and slabs for pool decks, swimming pool coping, coral blocks, and pavers that are not only luxuriantly beautiful, but which are also hard-wearing and able to handle all types of weather, traffic, accidental drops, and pool spills.

Coral Stone’s most popular products are those made from coralina, imported exclusively from some of the best quarries in the Dominican Republic. Available in numerous sizes, designs, and laying patterns, coralina products feature a non-slip surface, absorb only a minimal of heat, and have a smooth surface that is easily cleaned and maintained. This material requires very little modification once it is cut for a project: expert craftsmen are able to easily install the tile in a desired pattern for any number of projects.

During the production process, fabulous, one-of-a-kind fossil patterns are revealed in the coral stone. Offered in red coral, gold coral as well as white coral, the coralina’s rich texture and flexible nature make it a versatile material for both indoor and outdoor rooms.

Although many landscape architects and pool designers choose the coralina products for poolside applications, many also opt to use it to craft custom columns, balustrades, handrails, moldings, corbels, walls, indoor flooring, and fountains for inside homes or around the property. In the fact, corilina is a perfect complement to tropical-themed garden designs because the product can be used to craft fences, walkways, steppingstones, planters, and other garden accents that provide an island ambiance.

Coral Stone USA also offers glass tile in a variety of colors. When used in conjunction with the coral stone slabs, glass tile brings a dazzling finish to pool decking and coping. Additionally, the company produces quarry stone products that are perfect for veneering walls and other facades. Because the material is decorative and nonstructural, it can be applied directly to surfaces. Coral stone veneers can usually be found around a fireplace or on the outside of a home.

For use on
Pool decks
Pool coping
Coral blocks
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