Endless Pools Swim Spas 2013 Model

Endless Pools® Swim Spa Featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Rowdy Gaines

Endless Pools Family of Pools, Swimming, Water Exercise, Therapy, Fun, Year-round

Endless Pools
1601 Dutton Mill Road
Aston, PA 19352

About Endless Pools

With over 20,000 products in over 80 countries, Endless Pools has set the standard for counter-current swimming for over 25 years.

Ideal for swimming, water exercise, and aquatic therapy at home, Endless Pools offers a range of products, including the Original Endless Pool, the Endless Pool Spa Series, and the Fastlane, a swim current generator which can be installed in new or existing traditional pools.

Endless Pools’ adjustable swim current provides a broad, deep, smooth flow, and accommodates swimmers of all levels--from beginners to moderate exercisers to competitive swimmers and triathletes.

Original Endless Pools are compact fitness pools that come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 7 x 12 feet to 10 x 16 feet with water depths up to 6 feet deep. They offer many installation options due to their modular construction. Endless Pools are a great solution for small spaces and can be installed outside or indoors--from the backyard to the patio, garage, basement, or home gym. Set the pool fully aboveground, partially inground, or fully inground.

The Endless Pool Spa Series is a line of exercise and swim spas that combine fitness and relaxation. Available in four sizes, each Endless Pools Swim Spa includes a hot tub area with molded seats and hydrotherapy jets. Featuring a single-piece acrylic design, the Spa Series provides plug-and-play simplicity for ease of installation.

Customize your Endless Pool or Swim Spa with a variety of features, including an underwater treadmill, hydrotherapy jets, contoured therapy seats, and LED lights.

If you own a traditional pool, you can turn it into a lap pool with the Fastlane swimming machine. The Fastlane swim current generator creates a steady adjustable current and can be installed in virtually any new or existing pool. It installs easily and requires no electrical connections poolside.

No matter which Endless Pool product you choose, one thing is constant: the company is committed to innovation and building high-quality compact swimming pools, exercise spas, and swim spas.

Endless Pools allows you to swim, exercise, and relax on your time, at your pace, in the comfort of your own temperature-controlled pool or spa, all in your own home.

Manufactured in the United States, and with a full staff of over 100 professional architects, designers, engineers, and customer support professionals, Endless Pools will provide the support you need from the start of your project and follow through with lifetime customer support.


"I am completely satisfied and feel that the Endless Pool is one of the best investments I have ever made. My health is better, my fitness is better and I have that wonderful break from the summer heat when I take a mid-afternoon dip. I highly recommend the Endless Pool to swimmers, triathletes, and exercise enthusiasts."

-Jan F.

Endless Pools
Endless Pool Spa Series

Price Range
Complete systems starting at $7,500

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