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Stream by SwimEx, Inc.
846 Airport Road
Fall River, MA 02720

About Stream by SwimEx, Inc.

With the introduction of Stream by SwimEx, a rechargeable swim-current generating system, traditional pools of any size, shape, or depth can be turned into lap pools. Stream by SwimEx, Inc., is a battery-operated stand-alone unit that can easily be placed at the edge of any inground or aboveground pool to create a strong, smooth swim current.

Stream is perfect for lap swimming, training, and aquatic exercise, and can be used by swimmers of any age and ability. It requires no installation or setup; simply press the button and the current generator drops down from its storage unit. Swimmers then adjust the propeller current to their preferred speed and it is ready to use. When users are done, they can wheel the unit back and out of the way. The storage unit, available in white or gray, resembles a piece of furniture and will blend in with any backyard setting.

Stream is a great solution for small pools or freeform pools where swimming laps would otherwise be difficult. Also, one person can be swimming against the current while others in the pool are simply floating or relaxing. This allows homeowners to get the maximum use out of their pool.

For homeowners without a pool (or pool owners who are looking for a separate fitness pool), SwimEx also manufactures compact resistance pools, or swim spas, and has been doing so for the last 27 years. Its swim spas are various sizes and depths to accommodate uses ranging from home lap swimming to heavy-duty physical therapy and sport injury rehabilitation. The paddlewheel current pulls the water rather than pushes, and generates a smooth wall of water extending up to 30 inches (76 cm) in depth. It provides ideal resistance for swim stroke development, water jogging, aqua aerobics, and rehabilitative therapy.

SwimEx has been a family-owned and family-run company since 1986. Its swim spas are in homes and therapy centers throughout the world and are used by swimmers, physical therapists, hospitals, veterinarians, and sports teams. SwimEx’s line of resistance pools are designed for strength, durability, and a smooth swim current.


“Not only can you use Stream to get a great cardiovascular workout, but even kids could get in the water and get some exercise or work on some stroke techniques if they’re learning how to swim.” -Brandy Hugo, Swimmer & Swim Instructor

“Stream very easy to hook up. At first, I wasn’t even sure that it was on because it’s so quiet—and it’s so strong, you’d think it would be noisier, but it’s not.” -Kenny Sewell, Pool Owner & Father

Product Details

Propeller for Stream by SwimEx
Paddlewheel for SwimEx swim spas

Stream by SwimEx

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