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Master Spas Twilight Hot Tub Photo courtesy of Master Spas, Inc.

Gather info about hot tubs, portable spas, and swim spas, review quality hot tub and spa manufacturers, view popular models, and see the latest innovative features. From massaging jets to aquatic fitness exercises, learn how a hot tub or spa can be a great investment and enhance your lifestyle.

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Hot Tubs & Spas

Your source for the latest trends, products, and innovations in hot tubs and spas. Read articles, see photos, and view quick comparison charts of hot tub and spa manufacturers.

SwimEx swim spa

Swim Spas

What is a swim spa? A convenient hot tub and swimming pool in one! Get the scoop on the latest updates and options to these swim-in-place fitness pools, which also provide soothing jet therapy.

Recommended Hot Tub & Swim Spa Companies

Get in-depth info about each company and the hot tub models and swim spas they offer. See photos and product features, including number of jets, cabinet options, and more.

Featured Articles

Soak Up a Healthier Lifestyle

Enjoy the fun, relaxation, and health benefits of a hot tub and swim spa.

Michael Phelps swimming in swim spa

Michael Phelps Trains for the London Olympics

As U.S. swimming Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps prepares for the Summer Games, he has also teamed up with Master Spas on a signature line of swim spas. Read more >>

Master Spas swim spa

Swim Spas: Current Solutions

Get in shape, enjoy hydrotherapy, and swim laps without flip turns. See your options in compact swim-in-place pools, and how to turn your existing pool into a swim-in-place pool with specially designed portable units.

Hot Tubs for Hydrotherapy

Hot Tubs for Hydrotherapy

Discover the health benefits of hot tubs and learn how jets, pumps, and water temperature aid in hydrotherapy. Get tips on what to look for in a hot tub model to maximize your hydrotherapy benefits.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps: In Praise of Swimming

How has the Olympic swimming champion spent the last couple of years, post-Beijing? Between training for London 2012, he’s been raising money for nonprofits, working with his foundation, and helping to develop innovative products—all in the name of swimming.

Master Spas

Swim Spas for Aquatic Fitness

Learn how swim spas work, what you get for your money, and which products and accessories help you get into shape.

Bullfrog Spas hot tub

Calming Soaks, Bubbling Options

From seating types to installation options, get to know your choices in hot tubs and spas.

Top Articles

Hot Tubs & Swim Spas: Relax & Get Fit

Looking for the ultimate spa zone? Learn how to choose, set up, and enjoy your hot tub, spa, or swim spa. Get tips on available models, cost, and installation.
Read more>>

Soak It In

Hot tubs make for versatile investments. Some are intimately designed for two, while others can host small groups. Some hot tubs focus on aiding aching joints and muscles; others come loaded with entertaining accessories.

The Building Blocks of a Hot Tub

A hot tub is a sophisticated piece of machinery with ten essential parts; within each of these components, however, a seemingly endless variety of options are available.

Swim Spas: The Wave of the Future

Health professionals have long realized that regular exercise leads to improved health. Now, many homeowners are choosing swim spas as their preferred method of exercise to tone muscles, improve endurance, and enhance performance.

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