Swim Spas

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With the bubbling jets, a compact size, and ability to swim laps against a current, swim spas (also known as "swim-in-place pools") offer the best of hot tubs and swimming pools in one convenient package. With options to swim laps and do aquatic exercises, swim spas provide a great fitness routine for users of any fitness level--whether you are a beginner, active gym-goer, or competitive swimmer. Combined into one portable unit, swim spas allow owners can enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool and a spa without having to dig a hole in the backyard.

Featured Articles

Michael Phelps swimming in swim spa

Michael Phelps Trains for the London Olympics

As U.S. swimming Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps prepares for the Summer Games, he has also teamed up with Master Spas on a signature line of swim spas.

Swim spa Master Spas inground deck install balcony night

Swim Spas: The Perfect Combo

Learn the benefits of a swim spa and how to find the best model to fit your needs.

Master Spas swim spa

Swim Spas: Current Solutions

Get in shape, enjoy hydrotherapy, and swim laps without flip turns. See your options in compact swim-in-place pools, and how to turn your existing pool into a swim-in-place pool with specially designed portable units.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps: In Praise of Swimming

How has the Olympic swimming champion spent the last couple of years, post-Beijing? Between training for London 2012, he's been raising money for nonprofits, working with his foundation, and helping to develop innovative products—all in the name of swimming.

Master Spas

Swim Spas for Aquatic Fitness

Learn how swim spas work, what you get for your money, and which products and accessories help you get into shape.

Catch the Current

Get your workout and hydrotherapy in one convenient system with a swim spa.

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