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Being eco-friendly in your backyard is easier than you think. The trend of going green has made recycled and energy-saving backyard products much more readily available. Options include tables and chairs made of recycled plastic or reclaimed wood, LED or solar-powered lighting, solar pool-heating systems, and more. Systems such as multi-speed pool pumps and digital timers lower your monthly bills while saving energy.

Read articles about how to go green in your pool, spa, and backyard and learn simple tips to save money while lowering your energy bills.

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Make It Greener

Helpful tips for going green in your pool, spa, and backyard. See which eco-friendly practices you can easily incorporate into your maintenance routine. Read more >>

A Greener Outlook

How pools, spas, and backyard products are becoming eco-friendly. Learn about solar pool heating, proper chemical use, energy efficiency in hot tubs, and more. Read more >>

A Green Home Showpiece

You might not expect 400 gallons of jet-propelled, hot water to be showcased at a home built to run on Scrooge-like utility bills and serve as a prototype for future green residential building. But that's what you'll find as the backyard centerpiece of the nation's first house built in a typical subdivision under strict green guidelines by the National Association of Home Builders. Read more >>