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Feel like your backyard patio or deck is missing something? Add charm and personality to your backyard living space with outdoor décor. There is an extensive array of outdoor accessories to choose from including decorative planters, statues, wall art, wind chimes, and birdhouses. Read the articles below to get inspiration and tips for adding decorative touches to your outdoor living area.

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Accent & Accessorize Your Backyard

When decorating your outdoor space, accents and accessories not only provide structure, balance and a dimensional adornment that is essential to outdoor design, but also contribute a surprising sense of creativity and charm. It is this element of surprise and discovery that allow your outdoor environment to take on a life of its own. Read more >>

Personalize Your Outdoor Living Space

Now that your waterscape is in place as the focal point of your backyard, and your entertaining and lounging areas are established, let the fun begin. It is time to add the extra niceties that make the distinctive difference. These personal touches create a magnet space that offers an ongoing welcome, one that you (and your guests) will continue to admire. Read more >>

Outdoor Decor: Fabric, Lighting & Accessories

To add a fresh look to your backyard, poolscape or spascape, don't worry about tackling the entire outdoor space or spending big bucks. Think mini-makeover and get ready to accessorize. Read more >>