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Don’t let the bright sun and heat of the day keep you from enjoying your outdoor space. From umbrellas and awnings to gazebos and shade canopies, there are a variety of backyard shade products to keep you and your family cool and protected.

By investing in shade products to escape you'll have a cool, comfortable place to rest and relax in your backyard.

Check out our Shade Products Buyers' Guide for a list of manufacturers of umbrellas, canopies, and more.

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Choosing the Right Shade

See how an awning, canopy, or umbrella can provide just the right amount of shade for your backyard or outdoor space. Read more >>

Made for Shade: Umbrellas & Awnings

Backyard shade is hardly new; umbrellas and awnings have been around for decades. But today they have been modernized, much like the kitchen fridge or the American automobile. Current cover-ups have gone high tech--providing motorized and remote operation, sturdier fabrics that last longer, greater selections and a whole bunch of trendy options that you may not know exist. Read more >>

Light Up Your Patio Umbrella

Lighting has become a popular addition to patio umbrellas, creating a cozy atmosphere for those evening outdoor gatherings. From fancy to funky, a variety of options are available to create the perfect mood for any backyard event. Read more >>

Natural Boundaries Create Shade & Privacy

A well-chosen mix of hardscape structures and plant material can go a long way to define an outdoor room. Outdoor spaces delineated by boundaries give the eye a place to rest and the spirit a place to unwind. By establishing some structure in your backyard through plants, vines and manmade structures, the yard appears more welcoming and offers shade and privacy. Read more >>