Pool Heating & Solar

Learn about the benefits of solar power and how it can be used to heat your swimming pool or power your pool pumps.

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No longer for just tree huggers, solar panels have made their way into the mainstream. Many pool owners are incorporating a pool heating system that uses solar power because of its eco-friendliness and cost savings in the long-run. Solar panels can also be used to power your pool equipment, lighting, and other backyard needs.

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Pool Heating Systems

Determine whether a gas, electric, solar, or geothermal pool heating system is right for your swimming pool.

Benefits & Savings with Solar Technology

Solar energy is used in a number of applications, including heating buildings and water desalination systems, pumps used in a wide variety of ways, and even small appliances. Research is taking place at an ongoing and aggressive rate. The same is true in the pool and spa industry: manufacturers are searching for new ways to use alternative energy to operate pool-related products.