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To extend your pool season and make sure your pool is always at a comfortable temperature, you may want to invest in a pool heater. Many different types are available including gas heaters, electric heaters (heat pumps), and geothermal pumps.

Ready to go green to save green? Many pool owners are investing in solar panels because of their eco-friendliness and cost savings in the long-run. Learn about the benefits of solar power and how it can be used to heat your swimming pool and power your pumps, outdoor lighting, and more.

Check out our Pool Heating and Solar Heating Buyers' Guide for a list of recommended pool heater companies. View product photos and get detailed information about each manufacturer or contractor.

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Pool Heating Systems

Determine whether a gas, electric, solar, or geothermal pool heating system is right for your swimming pool. Read more >>

Benefits & Savings with Solar Technology

Solar energy is used in a number of applications, including heating buildings and water desalination systems, pumps used in a wide variety of ways, and even small appliances. Research is taking place at an ongoing and aggressive rate. The same is true in the pool and spa industry: manufacturers are searching for new ways to use alternative energy to operate pool-related products. Read more >>


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Pool Heating Systems

Determine whether a gas, electric, solar, or geothermal pool heating system is right for your swimming pool. Read more >>

A Greener Outlook

How pools, spas, and backyard products are becoming eco-friendly. Learn about solar pool heating, proper chemical use, energy efficiency in hot tubs, and more. Read more >>

Going Green, Saving Green

Pool and spa owners who want to go green (and save it) need only look to the sun. Over the past 30 years, solar technology has evolved into an eco-friendly alternative to gas or oil for heating pools that also makes financial sense. Read more >>

How Many Solar Panels Will Heat Your Pool?

Several factors determine exactly how many solar collector panels are needed to heat your pool — everything from pool size and length of season to the desired temperature and whether or not you use a pool cover. Read more >>

Making the Switch to Solar Pool Heating

Converting a gas or oil heated swimming pool to solar is not all that complicated. Almost every pool already has two key solar components: a pump and filter. Add solar collectors, piping, a flow control valve, a controller and you're ready to start saving. Read more >>

Benefits & Savings with Solar Technology

The current and escalating awareness of global warming, depletion of the earth's natural resources, greenhouse gas consequences and other environmental hazards have become a top concern for most people today. Read more >>

Finding a Qualified Solar-Heating System Contractor for Your Pool

To find a qualified solar-heating system contractor for your pool or spa, consider: license, location, and terms of service. Read on for more details. Read more >>

Expert Advice on Solar Technology

Question: I want to construct a solar-powered pool on a half-acre lot but want to avoid placing the thermal panels on the roof of my home--what are my options? Read more >>

Make It Greener

Helpful tips for going green in your pool, spa, and backyard. See which eco-friendly practices you can easily incorporate into your maintenance routine.